Trustees Emeriti Support John

To the Dartmouth Community:

As trustees emeriti of Dartmouth, we know that selecting women and men to serve on the College’s Board requires great care and deliberation. This is why we fully support the process through which the Dartmouth Alumni Council's Nominating and Alumni Search Committee identifies candidates for seats on the Board. The committee, composed of dedicated alumni, undertakes a wide-ranging search, reviews dozens of dossiers and conducts thorough interviews to find the most qualified candidates. Those whom it selects have the requisite backgrounds to become Trustees truly worthy of that name.

This year, the Committee recommended, and the full Alumni Council ratified, the selection of two candidates for two open seats. One of those candidates, Mort Kondracke '60, is running unopposed for one seat. The other, John Replogle '88, is opposed by another candidate, Joe Asch '79, who collected the requisite number of signatures to be a petition candidate on the ballot.

We strongly urge our fellow alumni to respect the Alumni Council’s selection process and vote for the candidates it selected, Mr. Kondracke and Mr. Replogle. The Council’s imprimatur makes clear that these two were far and away the most qualified candidates that it identified for Board service this year. They have the personal characteristics, talents, skills and track record of achievements to be the ultimate stewards of Dartmouth that Board service entails. Dartmouth deserves no less.

Please mark your ballots in the forthcoming Trustee Nomination process for Mort Kondracke ’60 and John Replogle ’88. Also, with regard to the separate vote to elect the leadership of the Association of Alumni, please vote for the slate proposed by the Association Nominating Committee. This proposed slate consists essentially of the same group of people who ended the costly law suit against the College and the Board of Trustees. They are committed to working constructively with the Alumni Council and the Board.

Sincerely yours,

Trustees Emeriti of Dartmouth

Stephen W. Bosworth '61
Russell L. Carson '65
Michael Chu '68
Robert A. Danziger '56
Susan Dentzer ’77
Peter M. Fahey ‘68
Robert E. Field '43
Karen C. Francis '84
Ann Fritz Hackett '76
Robert P. Henderson '53
Ira Michael Heyman '51
Richard D. Hill '41
Nancy K. Jeton ‘76
William Haven King ‘63
Barry L. MacLean '60
Priscilla F. Maynard '41W
Norman E. McCulloch Jr. '50
William H. Neukom '64
Jonathan Newcomb '68
Richard M. Page ‘54
Robert B. Reich '68
Ronald B. Schram '64
David M. Shribman ‘76
Kate Stith-Cabranes '73
David R. Weber '65