Class of '60 Representatives Endorse Mort & John

Phil Kron, Gene Kohn and Jim Adler recently wrote their class, endorsing Mort and John for Trustees. The following is an excerpt from that letter:

“Our classmate Mort Kondracke is running unopposed for Alumni Trustee. Mort is well known nationally as an insightful journalist who does his homework and calls 'em as he sees 'em. We know him as a loyal classmate and a great guy. Let's show our support with a 100% class-wide vote for one of our own! (For more about Mort's background and views, visit his website at )”

“The second Alumni Trustee seat is a contested election, with John Replogle '88, the Alumni Council's nominated candidate, running against Joe Asch '79, a self-selected petition candidate.”

“JOHN REPLOGLE - Starting with his student days, John has a long record of service to Dartmouth, stemming from his love of and respect for its traditions and confidence in its future. He has an outstanding track record as a corporate executive and extensive board experience, with a clear understanding of the proper consultative and advisory nature of such a role. John is seen by those who know him as a critical thinker, a person able to work constructively with others to get the job done. He has the stature and experience needed for the job. (For more about John's background and views, visit his website at”

“JOE ASCH - Joe is a local Upper Valley businessman and blogger, known for being an unrelenting critic of the Dartmouth administration on subjects ranging from class size to the manner in which employee time sheets are submitted. Many believe his aggressively confrontational, micro-managing style makes him ill equipped to serve as a Dartmouth Trustee. While he now says he supports President Jim Kim, he was highly critical of his appointment by the Board of Trustees, immediately saying publicly he lacked the scholarly credentials and chief executive experience needed for the job.”

“Joe has the support of The Dartmouth Review, The Hanover Institute and others who initiated or supported the recent lawsuits against the College - yet he does NOT have the support of key people in his own class! The current and past Class of 1979 presidents and several other class leaders who know him well have signed a strong statement supporting John Replogle (and Mort). They do NOT want to see their own classmate become a Trustee! Can you imagine the Class of 1960 not backing Mort Kondracke???”