More Professors Support Replogle

Dear Editor:

We have enjoyed both of the recent opinion columns that deal with the upcoming Trustee Election that begins on March 10. The first column "Electing the Owner" urges alumni to become educated about the candidates and to vote. The second column "Sounding Board" urges trustees to attend campus wide events and to communicate with students.

We the undersigned faculty members agree with the call to vote and favor strong lines of communication between Trustees and the faculty, students and staff. With that in mind, we are supporting John Replogle '88 for Trustee for several reasons.

a) John cares about Dartmouth's research and teaching and has already spent significant time meeting with faculty and students. He will be an advocate for hiring additional high quality faculty and the further building of Dartmouth's intellectual life. He will be a strong link between the Board and what is happening here on the ground.

b) He's committed to a sustainable budgeting process that will avoid future hiring booms followed by painful layoffs. He knows personally the morale problems that result from mutliple cycles of force reductions and wants to bring this process to a quick and successful close.

c) As the CEO of Burt's Bees (and Board member of Terracyle and Habitat for Humanity) he is a leader in environmental sustainability. Dartmouth can do more to save money and reduce waste and John will make it happen.

d) He wants to keep Dartmouth as affordable as possible for all students, not just the very poor or the very rich.

Yours truly,

Professors Susan Ackerman '80, T. Peter Hackett '75, Bruce Nelson, Donald Pease, Bruce Sacerdote '90, Roger Ulrich '77, Richard Winters, Charles Wheelan '88