Joe's Classmates Support John

We, the undersigned, want you to know that Mort Kondracke '60 and John Replogle '88 have our full support in the election for the Dartmouth Board of Trustees that begins on March 10, 2010. Both candidates were selected by the Dartmouth Alumni Council's Nominating and Alumni Search Committee in a thorough review of dozens of qualified candidates. We believe in this method of candidate selection since it gives dedicated alumni from diverse backgrounds ample opportunity to assess the abilities of candidates to both add compelling value to the existing Board of Trustees and effectively work with the existing Trustees and President.

This election is important as it provides us with an opportunity to break from the divisive political process that has characterized our most recent elections. The new Association of Alumni rules that establish the election process for Dartmouth's alumni trustee elections now permit the Alumni Council to nominate only one candidate for each open seat. Accordingly, the Alumni Council has put forth the names of Mort Kondracke and John Replogle as the two candidates for the two open alumni-nominated seats on the Board. Mort is running unopposed, but John will be opposed by one candidate, Joe Asch '79, who collected enough signatures to be a petition candidate on the ballot. We endorse Mort happily in the uncontested election and in the contested election, we fully endorse John.

We believe John Replogle is the superior candidate because:
• John is the CEO of Burt's Bees, a leading natural personal care company. Under John's leadership, Burt's Bees has expanded globally and doubled sales and profitability while becoming a recognized leader in sustainable business practices.

• In his role as a successful CEO, John has demonstrated his ability to both identify and solve the complex strategic, financial, operational and global challenges of the type that Dartmouth faces and will continue to face.

• John's world class career gives him important perspective for service as Trustee.

• His involvement as an undergraduate and alumni leader of Dartmouth organizations demonstrates the clear dedication and leadership capability of this son of Dartmouth.

• John Replogle will honor and bring honor to Dartmouth in his public representation of the College as a Trustee. While he believes in robust debate, he has always been against a culture that endorses suing the College and consuming financial resources that could be better used on furthering Dartmouth's commitment to offering an outstanding undergraduate experience
We urge you to join the undersigned in supporting John Replogle in the upcoming Trustee election which begins on March 10, 2010. For more, please go to:

William H. Mitchell '79 P'10 Class Mini Reunion Chair, former Class President, Vice President, Treasurer

Otho Kerr '79, former President Dartmouth Alumni Council

Peggy Epstein Tanner '79 P'10, former Class Head Agent

Jim Wasz '79 Class President 1979

Laurie Laidlaw Roulston, '79 Class Vice President, former Class President, Treasurer

Ted Winterer '79, former Class President

Kent Matthewson '79, former Class President

Louisa Guthrie '79, Alumni Councilor, former Class President

Deb Jennings '79 P'08 P'11, Class Secretary

Laurie Rosenfeld, Class Reinvention Guru